Resources that I love and use the most in our homeschool:

Well-Educated Heart                  Math Inspirations

The Good and The Beautiful                 The Millennial Instructor

Homeschool Posts

Math that Inspires

I mentioned in this post that I’ve been amazed at how the gospel is woven into all of the subjects -even math.  Math has been helping my boys, especially, to strengthen their connection with God and to seek and receive personal revelation. The math curriculum that we are using for Landon and Porter is Math Inspirations. ...
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Education for Real Life

I ran across a talk by Henry B. Eyring called Education for Real Life that I found to be really insightful and inspiring.  It goes along well with some things that I was talking about in my last post about weaving spiritual and secular learning together, so I’m going to dive into more of that...
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Raising Children of the Promised Day

Like I mentioned in my one of my last posts, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the gathering of Israel. Ever since beginning homeschooling almost a year ago, and especially over the past couple of months, I have felt the Lord moving me and impressing upon me...
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I have Learned For Myself

  The theme that I felt led to choose for our family and homeschool this year (and perhaps beyond) is I have learned for myself.       There are a couple of things in particular that led me to making this a focus for this year.  The first is this story from our family history where...
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Good Behavior Role Play

I don’t remember the exact day, but I think it was about 2 months ago when an idea came to me one day.  I had learned from Ralphie about this interesting bit of information…    “Scientists have recently determined that it takes approximately 400 repetitions to create a new synapse in the brain… unless it...
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Fika Friday: The Allegory of the Olive Trees

We have been studying Jacob 5 in the Book of Mormon this week which is The Allegory of the Olive Trees.    A couple months ago, I got this edition of The Millennial Instructor that has really been helping us to better understand the scattering and gathering of Israel.  It also has a lot of fun...
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Gardening: Soil Sprouts

(This is post #3 about our garden.  See #1 here and #2 here.)    When I was looking up information and ideas for our indoor garden, I ran across this book… Year-Round Salad Gardening by Peter Burke.  I checked it out from the library and read the whole book in a few days (which is...
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Gardening: Month Two

We continued to see rapid growth with our garden last month.  So much so that hopefully it starts to warm up outside soon so I can put our plants on the deck or else we might be living in a full on jungle.  haha.  Our house may or may not have a very earthy scent these...
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Gardening: Month One

At the end of December, as I was thinking ahead to starting school again, I wrote this in my journal… December 29, 2019 “As I was organizing in the school room yesterday, I was just feeling so excited about what we are going to learn. Looking at all of the books on the shelves felt...
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