Röena Studio Show: Week Two

Yesterday evening we had our second Röena Studio Show.  This past week we focused our studies mostly on Scandinavia but other topics from the month one of the rotation were sprinkled in as well.  Like last week, our show was based on the things that we learned from our Belle Ame At Home classes. 

The children had been practicing what they chose to do and they were very excited to perform the show.


We started out with the Gustov Skoal Folk Dance performed by me and the children. We learned this dance in our Folk Dance class.  We dressed up like Swedish peasants with the items that we just had lying around the house.





Then Landon performed a 1 man (2 man if you count Crosby spontaneously joining him) play of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. I was happy that Landon voluntarily came up with this performance and seemed to enjoy himself.



Next Roxanne sang the Australian song Waltzing Matilda that we learned in our music class. She was really funny. She even made herself a mustache from one our sheep’s wool.


After Roxanne’s song Porter told the story of The Three Billy Goats Gruff. He did a good job.



Our last performance was Roxanne telling a Swedish story called Sausage. She was really funny. She’s quite the little actress. I hope she keeps her love of acting and performing and sharing beauty in this way.




After the performance portion we showed any artwork from this week and shared our notebooking pages.







We finished by having ice cream as our show refreshments.

Another successful show! I am so glad that we are starting this tradition. We are loving it already and I know that we will have great memories of these experiences.



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