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Wardrobe Connections

A couple years ago, because of Well-Educated Heart, I started learning about Susanna Wesley. “Through all the struggles and disruptions of life, there was one constant in her life—she never failed to keep her daily appointment with God. When the house was busy and crowded—as it always was—when the children saw their mother pull her...
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Embed Personal Meaning

I love it when the physical things in my life have meaning embedded in them. Several months ago I started thinking about how I wanted the covers of my notebooking binders to have a significant meaning to me because they have become priceless treasures and I wanted the binder itself to reflect that (this probably...
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The past few months have been so fun on our farm because we finally have lambs!  We’ve been waiting for this for a few years now.  We thought that we would end up with about 3 lambs this year… instead we ended up with 7! On April 1st, around 5:00 pm, Porter came running into...
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Thilda the Ewe

I’ve written about this before, so if you’ve been here for a while then this won’t be new but I wanted to make a separate post about it because it means so much to me. I never imagined that I would have sheep someday.  I don’t think it had ever crossed my mind.  Not until...
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Christmas Eve 2022

On Christmas Eve we had our 8th annual Bethlehem dinner and then we acted out the nativity story.  We love these Christmas traditions and I hope that my children always look back on these experiences with fond memories.      
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Sankta Lucia 2022

Yesterday was Sankta Lucia Day!  This was our 5th year celebrating this Swedish holiday and it’s become one of our favorite parts of the Christmas season.  I love the symbolism of light in the darkness and how it always makes us think of Jesus Christ as the light of the world.  I also love how...
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Bethlehem Dinner 2021

We had our annual Bethlehem dinner and nativity play early this year…                    
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Jul Julgran 2022

We got our Christmas tree a couple weeks ago and finally got around to doing our annual Swedish dance around the Christmas tree. Crosby thought it was hilarious.  🙂    
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The Power of Storytelling

I’ve been thinking about storytelling. I’ll tell you my thoughts through a story… My Grandma passed away a few years ago and my mom and her siblings have been slowly going through old photos, paperwork, etc. I recently got copies of my grandparents’ home video tapes so I can digitize them. It’s been really fun...
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