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Our Farm: Lille Myregård

I have been meaning to post about life at the farm for a while now.  Unpacking, getting settled, Christmas, homeschooling, and starting a brand new lifestyle (complete with animals) all at the same time has made this post take a lot longer to get around to writing.  haha. First, I’m going to tell you about...
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Revolutionary War Fika

We are working our way through American History and we spent the month of January learning about the Revolutionary War time period.  We decided to have a Revolutionary War themed Fika again, like last year. I was curious to see if we had any ancestors that served in the Revolutionary War and I discovered that...
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Canada Fika

One of the countries that we have been learning a little bit about this month is Canada.  Jershon served his mission in Alberta, Canada 15+ years ago so he put together a little Canada themed Fika for us.   We ate Pirogies (dipped in sour cream) and Poutine (french fries with gravy and cheese curds). Jershon also...
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Bethlehem Dinner 2020

On Christmas Eve, we had our annual Bethlehem dinner.  You can read more about this tradition on the post that I wrote last year, but here are a few photos and a video from this year. 
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There’s No Place Like Home in Kansas

For as long as I can remember, Jershon and I have talked about how someday we wanted to buy a house and have a little bit of land.  The details of this dream were pretty vague until a couple years ago when we spent a few months learning about our Swedish ancestors and heritage. Those...
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Jul Julgran 2020

Last night we put our Christmas tree in the middle of our living room and did the traditional Swedish dance around the Christmas tree.  This was our 3rd year doing this silly and fun tradition.  You can read more details about this from my post that I did a couple years ago.
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Sankta Lucia 2020

Today was our 3rd year celebrating Sankta Lucia day. This is one of our favorite days of the Christmas season. I love incorporating our Swedish heritage and thinking about our ancestors. I also love what Sankta Lucia stands for – light. Light amidst the darkness. In the northern hemisphere, the middle of December is the...
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Soybeans and Vegetables Unit Study

Well, I’ve been pretty missing in action on here lately.  This video explains why… Our new unit study has been taking a lot of my time and energy.  The kids’ guesses were pretty funny.  I especially liked Roxanne’s guess… soybeans and vegetables.  haha.   Another baby will be joining our family in May!  I’m 12...
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Making Soap like Susannah

One activity that we planned on doing for our Pioneer Unit was to make homemade soap from lye and lard.  I borrowed the supplies from my brother who likes to make soap and we finally got around to doing the activity yesterday.   We didn’t wear our pioneer clothes though since they were put away in...
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