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Homeschool / Life Planning : Being Intentional

One of my goals for this next school year is to be more organized and intentional with how we spend our time. I used to do most of my planning and scheduling on my phone.  But I didn’t find it to be very effective outside of keeping track of my calendar appointments and such.  Physically...
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Stop, Feel, and Be Still

I find it interesting that throughout my life, I learn about different skills, tools, mindsets, etc. that I find really inspiring and I know that they would be helpful for me in my life, but I just don’t quite get the hang of actually implementing them in my life on a consistent basis. And then,...
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Empower Others to Get Power of Their Own

“In business settings, power has been defined as the resources available to Person A to influence Person B. Influence is a perfectly good thing to strive for. In fact, one way to think about priesthood authority and power is righteous influence in others’ lives (see D&C 121:41). But there are also important differences between what...
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Sharing Produces Evidence for Later

This morning I read Joseph Smith’s testimony of receiving the gold plates. What I thought was interesting was what Moroni told Joseph during the 4th visitation (after visiting him 3 times in the middle of the night a few hours before this). During this last visit, he commanded Joseph to go to his father and...
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Feel 2018: June Observations and Reflections

In June, I learned a lot about love and enjoying this phase of motherhood that I am currently experiencing.  I started the month not really knowing how to let go of the baby phase of motherhood.  I was in a state of mourning, as I am no longer a mom of babies.  I wrote all...
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Feel 2018: May Observations and Reflections

Here we are, at beginning of August and I’m just now sitting down to finish writing up my Feel 2018 May Observations and Reflections post – even though I started this post in the middle of June.  That’s just how summer goes.  It’s been jam packed. Sharing these personal tidbits from my real life, here...
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Why I Choose to be a Member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Dear Friend,   Do you know anyone that is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints?  A common term that you might know them by is Mormon.  But that’s term is just a nickname.  Latter-day Saint is more accurate.   If so, do you ever wonder why they choose to be a Latter-day...
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Feel 2018: Loving with Abandon Feels like my True Home

My brother and sister-in-law just had their first baby last week.  This is the first niece/nephew of mine to be born (on both my side and my husband’s side) in 5 years.  And the last 2 grandchildren to be born in those past 5 years (on both sides) have been my own daughters.  So it...
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Feel 2018: Taking in the Good Heals and Strengthens my Brain and Spirit

I’m gonna get personal here for a minute.  Haha.  That’s what this blog is, right? … A space where I can share my personal growth journey. I’m an introvert and I’m pretty reserved.  As I have gotten older, I have gotten more comfortable talking to people and I’ve come out of my shell quite a...
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