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Harvest Flowers & Paint the Life

A little over a month ago I posted about how I was finding music to be so powerful in my life in helping me to create the life that I want to live. In that post, I mentioned how I am doing a little personal project to help myself in developing attention and therein, feel...
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Secret Garden Key

A few weeks ago I read a quote that someone shared from the Music book in the Mother’s Learning Library about concentration.  It really stood out to me.  I wrote about it here.   Then a few days later, in looking for an entirely different quote in the Catch the Vision book, I stumbled across another...
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Come to a Center

My most recent poem… Only One Way to Joy Slow down, hold still, The rush seeks to destroy. Come to a center, Only one way to joy. Bits of happy can be had, When mind and hands are split. But true joy you’ll never possess, Until to the Spirit you submit. The natural man is...
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The Gardens of God

For the past few months I have been designing, planning, and creating my dream garden. I have looked forward to this for years and it feels so special to see it coming to reality now. This past winter was heavy for me for a few reasons but immersing myself in garden dreaming/designing (the spiritual creation...
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Home Away From Home

Between writing my last poem and this one that I am about to share, I discovered something about myself.  Something that I have felt for a long time but didn’t know that it was a real thing and therefore I would just get frustrated with myself for what I thought were just weaknesses and challenges...
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Homeschool / Life Planning : Being Intentional

One of my goals for this next school year is to be more organized and intentional with how we spend our time. I used to do most of my planning and scheduling on my phone.  But I didn’t find it to be very effective outside of keeping track of my calendar appointments and such.  Physically...
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Stop, Feel, and Be Still

I find it interesting that throughout my life, I learn about different skills, tools, mindsets, etc. that I find really inspiring and I know that they would be helpful for me in my life, but I just don’t quite get the hang of actually implementing them in my life on a consistent basis. And then,...
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Empower Others to Get Power of Their Own

“In business settings, power has been defined as the resources available to Person A to influence Person B. Influence is a perfectly good thing to strive for. In fact, one way to think about priesthood authority and power is righteous influence in others’ lives (see D&C 121:41). But there are also important differences between what...
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Sharing Produces Evidence for Later

This morning I read Joseph Smith’s testimony of receiving the gold plates. What I thought was interesting was what Moroni told Joseph during the 4th visitation (after visiting him 3 times in the middle of the night a few hours before this). During this last visit, he commanded Joseph to go to his father and...
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