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Well-Educated Heart                  Belle Ame At Home

The Good and The Beautiful                 Math Inspirations

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Röena Studio Show: Week Eight

We had our eighth Röena Studio Show last night.  Jershon and I went on a trip at the beginning of the month so this show was our only one for our Month Three rotation topics.  Our topics were The British Isles, 1700’s Independence, and Rocks.  This show was all focused on The British Isles.  We...
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Röena Studio Show: Week Seven

Last night we had our Röena Studio Show #7.  This show had bits of Spain, Oceans, and 1700’s Independence.       The first performance was a mini play by the children.  They wanted to act out a couple of scenes from Don Quixote.     The second performance was Evelyn telling the story called Freedom Bird....
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Röena Studio Show: Week Six

Last night we had our Röena Studio Show #6. The main rotation topic that we did for this one was the ocean. We also had a little bit of pilgrims thrown in as well. We set up a little backdrop with a blue blanket draped over the back of some chairs. This represented ocean and...
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Röena Studio Show: Week Five

Last night was our fifth Röena Studio show!  We have moved on to month two in the rotation so the topics that we spent time learning about this past week were the pilgrims and the Netherlands.         First, Evelyn and Roxanne performed a dance that they made up called Dance of the Pilgrims...
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Röena Studio Show: Week Four

Last night we had our fourth Röena Studio Show.  The main topic for this past week was India but we also jumped around to other rotation topics for month one as well.  This one was more like dinner and a show because we made some Indian food, based on a recipe from our Belle Ame...
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Röena Studio Show: Week Three

Tonight we had our third Röena Studio Show.  We learned about Asian countries this past week so that was the theme of our show.  We dressed up in our Filipino costumes that we used in our Philippines Unit a few years ago.  Jershon and the boys also wore the Barong shirts that his parents gave...
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Röena Studio Show: Week Two

Yesterday evening we had our second Röena Studio Show.  This past week we focused our studies mostly on Scandinavia but other topics from the month one of the rotation were sprinkled in as well.  Like last week, our show was based on the things that we learned from our Belle Ame At Home classes.  The...
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Röena Studio Show: Week One

If you read my last post about Röena Studio then you may be wondering what we will be doing to make our school into more of a studio.  In our studio, I want to bring more of the senses into our learning.  This is something that I love to do already, as evidenced by some...
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Röena Studio

The book, RICH Learning: Brain-Based Learning on Arts-Based Platforms  was highly recommended to me so I read it a couple weekends ago.  It was perfect timing because we were about to start our new school year.  Although what I learned from the book wasn’t super novel since I have learned many of the same principles from Well-Educated Heart,...
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