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Prayer Journaling

About a year and a half ago, I wrote a post about prayer journaling.  I thought I would do another post to give some updates and talk about how it’s going for us. I have been writing in my prayer journal periodically for the past 2 years.  Prayer journaling has changed my relationship (for good)...
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Revolutionary War Fika

We are working our way through American History and we spent the month of January learning about the Revolutionary War time period.  We decided to have a Revolutionary War themed Fika again, like last year. I was curious to see if we had any ancestors that served in the Revolutionary War and I discovered that...
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Canada Fika

One of the countries that we have been learning a little bit about this month is Canada.  Jershon served his mission in Alberta, Canada 15+ years ago so he put together a little Canada themed Fika for us.   We ate Pirogies (dipped in sour cream) and Poutine (french fries with gravy and cheese curds). Jershon also...
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Fika Friday: Anne of Green Gables

Last January, we read Anne of Green Gables and then watched the 1985 version of the movie.  We all loved both the book and the movie, but Roxanne especially.  She has been quite enamored with Anne of Green Gables for the past year.   So for Christmas, Santa brought her a dress with puffed sleeves and...
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Fika Friday: China

One of the countries that we are learning about this month is China.  So for Fika, we made homemade fortune cookies. :). The kids had fun making up fortunes to put inside the cookies. We also listened to traditional Chinese folk music and watched a couple of videos from Liziqi’s YouTube channel.  I highly recommend...
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Associate Learning With Sweetness

It’s the start of a new school year!  This morning we carried on our new tradition from last year that was inspired by a Hebrew tradition that I learned about last year.  I could just copy and paste, but instead, I’ll just link to last year’s post that explains everything…     This year we also...
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2020-2021 Theme: Restored

We officially started our school year today.   Our homeschool feels more like a year round style since we definitely still do a lot of learning even during the summer, but we’ll be adding back in some more structure now.  Last night, we had our back to school dinner/presentation.  To start out, I summarized the miracle...
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Homeschool / Life Planning : Being Intentional

One of my goals for this next school year is to be more organized and intentional with how we spend our time. I used to do most of my planning and scheduling on my phone.  But I didn’t find it to be very effective outside of keeping track of my calendar appointments and such.  Physically...
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Notebooking: Digesting, Extracting Joy, and Collecting Gems

Notebooking provides a way for digesting what we are learning, collecting gems, and extracting joy.  My notebook is quickly becoming a priceless treasure to me.  And I hope my kids’ notebooks become invaluable to them as well.  What is notebooking? Notebooking is for extracting joy and collecting gems. “I see notebooking as a way to...
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