Röena Studio Show: Week Five

Last night was our fifth Röena Studio show!  We have moved on to month two in the rotation so the topics that we spent time learning about this past week were the pilgrims and the Netherlands.  




First, Evelyn and Roxanne performed a dance that they made up called Dance of the Pilgrims


Then Porter told the story of a pilgrim family called  Fire To Light the Way.


The final performance was a joint story by Evelyn and Roxanne called Swan Maidens and the Silver Knight.


To finish up our show we had an arts exhibit.  We each put some items on display that we have created recently.  The kids loved gathering up their creations and it was fun to see a lot of them in one place.  I think we will continue to have an exhibit as part of our show, at least every few weeks.

Crosby didn’t want to be left out so the kids put a few of their creations, plus some toys that he has been playing with recently.

Landon: legos, drawing, sewing, wood carving

Me: sewing, watercolor painting, paint by number, poetry, music compositions, binder covers, yarn, sewing

Porter: sewing, drawing, legos

Roxanne: sewing, drawing, coloring, crafting

Evelyn: sewing, crafting, drawing


A couple other creations from this past week…

Porter made his first loaf of sourdough bread all by himself!  I gave him some of my sourdough starter a couple weeks ago and he has been feeding it himself and he’s made sourdough Swedish pancakes, and now a sourdough boule all by himself.

Roxanne made an omlet (with only a little bit of help) for breakfast. She was really proud of it.


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