Röena Studio Show: Week Eight

We had our eighth Röena Studio Show last night.  Jershon and I went on a trip at the beginning of the month so this show was our only one for our Month Three rotation topics.  Our topics were The British Isles, 1700’s Independence, and Rocks.  This show was all focused on The British Isles.  We could have had a lot more performances but we didn’t want to make the show too long and it was still a bit longer than our other shows have been.  We had to skip the artwork and notebooking show and tell at the end because it was already time for bed.  


Our first performance was a Knights sword fight by Landon, Porter, and Crosby.  Crosby was super excited about this and whenever I would ask what everyone was planning to do for the show he would always remind me that he was doing a sword fight.  haha.


Next, I played a Scottish song on the harp called Caledonia.  I’ve been learning how to play the harp for a little over a year now.  I still need to write up a post about that at some point.  I’ve really enjoyed learning to play it and I look forward to improving more and more.


Our third performance was Roxanne telling us the story called Here After This.  Nearly all of these stories are from the story telling class that we have been taking for Belle Ame at Home.


Next, I played another song on the harp.  This one is called May It Be.  It’s from Lord of the Rings.  


The Theater of Classicals put on a play for us.  They performed scenes from The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.  They easily could have performed for a couple hours and showed us the entire story but we had to cut it short for the sake of time.  Crosby joined them and he played Mr. Tumnus.


Evelyn and Roxanne then played a duet on the violin and ukulele – a song that they composed on the spot called England Roses.


Porter finished off our show by telling the story called The Hedley Cow.


This month was full of making swords, shields, and having sword fights in the back yard.  


Evelyn also made this “castle of books” one morning.  She was pleasantly surprised to see that she had even unintentionally put Jesus on the throne. 🙂



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