Röena Studio Show: Week Six

Last night we had our Röena Studio Show #6. The main rotation topic that we did for this one was the ocean. We also had a little bit of pilgrims thrown in as well.

We set up a little backdrop with a blue blanket draped over the back of some chairs. This represented ocean and then I put a couple burlap sacks on the floor next to it to represent the sand. We put some sea shells that Jershon and I collected from Guam on the “sand”. We also put some ocean stuffed animals in the “water”.

Our costumes were mostly ocean/island themed. I wore my hula skirt that I bought in Hawaii this past spring and a lei that Jershon’s parents gave us in Guam last year.  Crosby had insisted on wearing his Hawaii shirt yesterday anyway (for the 2nd day in a row) so his outfit fit in great. 


Our first performance was Porter, Evelyn, Roxanne, and Crosby dancing to an island song. They called their dance “Dance of the Sea Turtles.” Crosby was the star of the show and all the other kids just copied what he did. He loved being the center of attention. He’s so cute.




After that, Landon told a story that he made up about sting rays and crabs.


Then our final performance was Roxanne telling a story that she made up and singing a song about pilgrims going to sea.



We finished with showing any arts and notebooking that we wanted to share and then for refreshments we had ice cream. 




Crosby insists on showing this drawing (that one of his siblings made for him in his sketchbook) every time. 


Roxanne’s winking tiger. 🙂


The boys loved learning about this salamander type animal this past week.





Here are a few other creative highlights from the past week…

The kids have really enjoyed learning to sew.  They have been learning different stitches with hand sewing and they have also been learning how to use the sewing machine.  It’s like a whole new world has been opened up to them.  They sew something almost everyday now.

Roxanne working on her nature sampler for the ocean theme.  She chose to do a lighthouse and she did a really good job!

We finally made one of the recipes that we hadn’t made yet from month one.  Scallion pancakes.  They were delicious!  Rumor has it that Marco Polo had these in China and when he came back home to Italy he missed them so he asked a cook to try to re-create them.  Supposedly, in the process of trying to re-create the scallion pancakes, pizza was born. 🙂 

Porter has sewn several things for Crosby, all out of the goodness of his heart.  This is one of them… a little miniature pillow with a lighthouse on it.  As I was showing this little pillow to Jershon that night, I was telling him that I think one of the best things about developing new creative skills and talents is that it opens you up to so many ways to create gifts for others.    

Roxanne sewed this little dress and headband for her doll.  She even added button holes so the buttons are functioning.

Evelyn sewed this little backpack for her doll

Roxanne was on an omlet kick again.  This time she added bell peppers, mushrooms, onions, and thyme.  In fact, she was very happy to open the fridge and see that we had mushrooms.  haha. This girl has quite the mature taste for her age.  Haha.  She loves a lot of vegetables that aren’t typically popular with kids her age.  She has been known to tell Evelyn that “if you don’t like okra, you are missing out on one of the joys of life!”  🙂


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