Röena Studio Show: Week Three

Tonight we had our third Röena Studio Show.  We learned about Asian countries this past week so that was the theme of our show.  We dressed up in our Filipino costumes that we used in our Philippines Unit a few years ago.  Jershon and the boys also wore the Barong shirts that his parents gave us, although Crosby refused to wear his.  I wore the pants that my sister brought for me from her trip to Thailand.  





Our show started off with us doing the Filipino Tinikling dance. 




Next, Roxanne recited a rainbow poem called The Rainbow Fairies, with some sign language actions that went along with it.



Porter told a story called Woo Sing and the Mirror.



Evelyn recited a different rainbow poem called “If All Were Rain and Never Sun” by Christina Rosetti.  Her poem also included sign language actions as well. 



Roxanne then told the story, The Three Billy Goats Gruff. 



The last performance was Evelyn telling the story called We Shall Wait and See.  She included parts where she played a little jingle on her violin for parts of the story. 



Then we finished off by showing any arts, crafts, sewing, and notebooking that we wanted to share.  Crosby has his own sketchbook now but instead of wanting to draw in it himself, he just wants his siblings to draw things for him so he can have something to show during our shows.  haha.  





We ended with ice cream as refreshments. 


It was another great show!  The children love preparing stories and such for these shows and I have been pleasantly surprised that it has been such a hit with them! 


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