Röena Studio Show: Week Four

Last night we had our fourth Röena Studio Show.  The main topic for this past week was India but we also jumped around to other rotation topics for month one as well.  This one was more like dinner and a show because we made some Indian food, based on a recipe from our Belle Ame At Home cooking class.  It was Coconut Dahl and basmati rice, and then I made some sourdough discard naan as well.  The food was really delicious!  



After dinner we had our show…

Most of our costumes were just gathered from random things around the house but my dress is actually from India.  I got it there when Jershon and I went to India to attend our friend’s wedding a few years ago.



We started off with a Japanese song/dance called Hontaru Koi.  


After our dance, Evelyn and Roxanne (The Theater of Classicals) put on a mini play of a scene from the book, A Little Princess, by Frances Hodgson Burnett.  


Porter then played Waltzing Matilda on the piano.


Then Evelyn, Roxanne, and Crosby danced to a song that we learned in our Belle Ame At Home music class called Lukey’s Boat.


Landon then told a story from our storytelling class called The Quail Catcher.


Evelyn and Roxanne finished off the main part of the show with a dance that they made up called Dance of the Monkeys… the music was the Wellerman (the Sea Shanty song from our first show).  


And last, but not least, we showed any art, sewing, crafts, and notebooking from this past week.

I finished my star for our samplers that we are doing for our sewing class.  I decided to make mine look like the stained glass star on the Nauvoo temple because it is a special temple to me since that is where Jershon and I got married.  I love how this star symbolizes Jesus Christ.  It is within a circle, which represents eternity.  The star is pointing down, symbolizing Jesus coming down to dwell with us on earth.  The five points represent His 5 wounds (hands, feet, side).  The squares in this sampler will go along with the nature rotation topics and I am looking forward to seeing if I can make each one tie into a symbol of Christ so that my sampler can show how nature testifies of Christ. 


Another great show!


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