Swedish Unit: Jul Julgran (Dance around the Christmas Tree)

The reason why I wanted to start our Swedish Unit at this time of year is because there are so many Swedish Christmas traditions that I wanted to try out and enjoy.  One of these is holding hands and dancing around the Christmas tree, while singing/listening to the song Nu Ar Det Jul Igen.

When my Swedish grandma passed away in March, I was introduced to some old home videos of her childhood/young married life. A few of the clips on these videos were of this Christmas tree dance tradition and I thought it looked so fun. 

So that’s what we did last night. We put the tree in the middle of the living room, turned on that Swedish song, and danced around the tree. The kids thought it was a blast.  It was a little tricky because of our short arm spans. Haha. The kids wanted to get a little crazy and go super fast. 

I put together this little video with clips from my grandma’s home videos as well as from last night.


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