Reenacting the Revolutionary War Time Period

Over the past few months, we have been learning about how America became a free nation.  I’ve loved learning things this month that I never knew or that I had forgotten.  We really are so incredibly blessed to live in this country and we have a responsibility to do our individual parts to keep this nation free.  I found the resources here to be super helpful in helping me to better understand.

Today, we reenacted the Revolutionary War time period.  

We dressed up because I love how it enriches the experience of learning. 

We listened to time period music and ate some time period food (plus something extra).  

Carrot Tea Cake that George Washington ate on British Evacuation Day (November 25,1783 when the British Army departed from New York City on Manhattan Island, after the end of the American Revolutionary War.)




1777-1795 version of the American Flag with 13 stars representing the 13 colonies



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