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Feel 2018: April Observations and Reflections

It’s May!  ….well, we’re already 12 days into May.  🙂  That means it’s time for a post about my Feel 2018 April Observations and Reflections.  I don’t know if anyone else is interested in these posts, but it is good for me to go back through my journal over the past month and see what...
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Feel 2018: Feelings Breathe Life into Thoughts

Feelings.  As you’re well aware, they’ve been on my mind all year.  Haha  Something that I’ve really been thinking about lately in regards to feelings is how central they are to our lives.  Yes, our thoughts are super important as well, as I have already talked about here and here, but thoughts don’t mean anything...
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Feel 2018: March Observations and Reflections

How is it already April?  Wasn’t it just Christmas?  I mean, I’m not complaining.  I’m ready for warm weather and sunshine but I just can’t believe we’re already 1/3 of the way into 2018. As I was thinking about writing this post about my Feel 2018 observations and reflections for March, I didn’t think I...
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Feel 2018: Breathe Christ In

  I have been learning a lot over the past month or so about how I can use the Atonement of Jesus Christ more in my everyday life.  And I just thought I’d share what I’m learning by giving you a peek into my journal…     March 1, 2018 This morning when I was doing my...
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Feel 2018: February Observations and Reflections

I can’t believe it’s already a week into March!  February went by in a blink… except for the days that I was in India.  Those days dragged on and seemed to last forever. I’m here to report on month #two of my Feel 2018 personal research project.   My relationship with my dad   First, if...
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Feel 2018: Buffering with Christ

Continuing on my Feel 2018 journey, I wanted to share some thoughts and experiences about buffering. One of the definitions of the word buffer is to “lessen or moderate the impact of (something).” Another definition is “a person or thing that prevents incompatible or antagonistic people or things from coming into contact with or harming each...
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Feel 2018: January Observations and Reflections

I can’t believe it’s already the last day of January!  Usually, January is my least favorite month.  Christmas is over and it’s just cold and miserable outside.  But this year has been different.  It’s definitely helped that we have had a very mild winter here at my house.  I’m a fan of no snow on...
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Feel 2018: My Thoughts About Social Media and Giving Up Our Power

Photo by Becca Tapert on Unsplash *I’m gonna preface this by saying that everyone is entitled to their own opinion.  This is just mine.  And I am aware that I don’t know everything.  haha.  These are just thoughts that I am having on this topic. You know what I think one of Satan’s greatest tools is… trying to...
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Feel 2018: Shame Likes to Hitch a Ride

Photo by Isaac Quick on Unsplash This is what I want to say to the emotion named Shame.  I want to say “dude.  This heart is under restoration.  Stay off.  You are not welcome here.  Stop trespassing.”   I think that Shame’s favorite mode of transportation is the piggyback ride. He waits for that little heart house door to...
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