Memorizing Good and Beautiful Things

Evelyn used to love taking baths. And then recently, she randomly started hating them (maybe because my Roxanne started hating them too and they rub off on each other). She particularly didn’t like getting water poured on her head to rinse off the shampoo.

Last night when I was bathing them, I started pouring the water on Evelyn’s head and she was looking down. She randomly just started telling me that she was thinking about the paintings of Jesus with the lambs (that we have been looking at recently in our sheep unit). And then she was thinking about the painting of Jesus with Peter walking on water. And then she was thinking about the painting of Jesus feeding the people bread and fish. And then the painting of Jesus with the ballerina (a painting we recently acquired).

I asked her why she was thinking about these paintings and she said “because they help me not cry to take a bath.”

I asked her if she came up with this idea all on her own and she said yes. I asked her how she came up with this and she said “I just closed my eyes and I started thinking of it.”

I was super impressed! Especially because of things that I have learned from Marlene about the power of memorizing poetry and artwork. I was surprised to hear her come up with this because I hadn’t specifically communicated the benefits of memorizing (or even about memorizing artwork) to my children.

Times like these are like music to my mothering ears. I love seeing the results of all the work that I have been putting into trying to educate my children’s hearts with good and beautiful stories, music, artwork, poetry, and nature.



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