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Evelyn Tells Thilda’s Conversion Story

Evelyn bore her testimony in Sacrament meeting for the first time today. This morning, when we were in the school room doing our personal scripture and journal time, I told the kids that today was fast and testimony meeting. A minute or so later, Evelyn said “I’m going to bear my testimony today.” I asked...
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Bethlehem Dinner

Over the past several years, I have enjoyed building holiday traditions for our family.  One thing that has evolved over the past 5 years (since spending Christmas at our own house instead of traveling to our family’s houses) is our Christmas Eve dinner. We have a Bethlehem dinner and each year I add a few...
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11 Years

A few years into our marriage, I heard a about a fun tradition so I started it in our home. Every year since then, on our anniversary (December 20th), I greet Jershon in my wedding dress when he comes home. Yesterday was our anniversary so that’s what I did. This time I gave the camera...
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Sweden Unit: Sankta Lucia 2019

There is seriously something so peaceful about spending the evening dressed up and celebrating ✨light✨ by the light of the Christmas tree and candles. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite nights of the year. For dinner, we had homemade Swedish meatballs in creamy gravy, mashed potatoes, lingonberry jam, and green beans. After dinner,...
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Christmas Star Cookie Cutter

My Grandma Marchant passed away in January 2010. One of the things that I inherited from her was a tin star shaped cookie cutter. My dad said that he used to help his mom cut out cookies at Christmas time this star cookie cutter is one that they would use. Since it came into my...
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Bookshelf Mantle/Fireplace

We have never had a real fireplace or mantle but 4 years ago, Jershon and I decided to improvise and we turned our bookshelves into a faux fireplace/mantle. We have re-created this (with some minor adjustments) every year since. So I present to you, our 4th annual cozy faux fireplace. Made from books, shelves, and...
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Fika Friday: England

England Themed Fika today.  I have a lot of English heritage so it has been fun to learn more about England this month. We had some English Cucumber and Dill sandwiches, and some British Scones with Currents (served with clotted cream (that I made in the instant pot), and jam). Everything was pretty easy to...
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Inspired By My Ancestors

Sometimes it may seem on the outside that family history and homeschool/learning are different categories of interest for me. But I have found that they are actually very tied together. As I have been doing more family history and learning more about my ancestors, especially over the past 15 months or so, I have found...
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Jane Elizabeth Clayton

Jane. Jane is a name that was at the top of our baby names list when I was pregnant with each of our last 3 children. But even though we loved the name, it never made the final cut because we like to name our kids after family members or close friends and we didn’t...
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