Taking Lilacs to Thilda’s Grave

Yesterday morning, we went took some lilacs to Thilda’s grave.  This was our second year doing this and this year felt even more meaningful since going on our trip to Sweden last fall and getting to know Swen and Thilda even better.  

We spent quite a while wandering around the cemetery, looking at a lot of headstones.  My kids seriously love cemeteries.  haha.  They didn’t want to leave when it was time to go home.

We decided this is the “Swenson tree” because it is right next to Swen and Thilda’s (and a few of their family members) graves.

It was neat to think about how the Swen and Thilda (their bodies at least) are literally at the roots of this tree, and here we, as their descendants, are the branches. We owe a lot to the lives they lived and the legacy they left behind.


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  1. Estelle

    I love the connection that you have with Thilda and Swen. What you said about the Swenson Tree gave me chills. You see things in such a beautiful way. Roxanne’s little offering to Swen was adorable!

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