Swedish Unit: Knitting Hats

We finished making Roxanne’s hat today! It is definitely a lot more work when you make your own yarn, but we enjoyed making this from scratch! Let’s be honest, I did most the work on this one since we were just figuring everything out, but the boys are going to make their own hats next. … just gotta make more yarn first. 🙂

I love how it turned out. None of the stripes were intentional. It’s just how the yarn turned out in those spots, based on the part of the sheep wool that I pulled out of the bag that time. 🙂

I made most of this hat for Roxanne, but the boys helped with the last few rows and they will be doing the majority of the knitting for their own hats.

Spinning yarn while waiting to pick up the boys from school

From a bunch of hair off a sheep to this hat on a little girl’s head… it’s pretty amazing what can be done with a little (or a lot! Haha) of work.

Spinning yarn is a perfect winter activity. It’s nice to just sit and do some manual, but relaxing labor, to feel connected to my great-great-grandmother, Bothilda, and to make some winter hats. 🙂

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