Swedish Unit: Kanelbullens Dag (Cinnamon Bun Day)

When I started looking into homeschooling, one idea that I kept hearing about was poetry tea time. I thought this idea sounded so fun!

So we adopted it but tweaked it to make it even more personal and meaningful to us. Instead of calling it teatime, it’s Fika. In Sweden, Fika is a daily tradition, usually during the afternoon. It’s a time to slow down, chat with friends and family, and have a snack (usually coffee/tea and breads/pastries.) I got to enjoy Fika with the locals twice while we were in Sweden. 🙂

Today was our 4th week of doing “Fika Friday.” It was extra special because today is “Kanelbullens Dag” (Cinnamon Bun day) in Sweden.

We got out the Swedish table cloth, Swedish tea set, and Swedish candle holder (complete with one of the beeswax candles that we made during our Pioneer Unit in July.) We had Kanelbullar (a must for a proper Fika), peaches and apples (that we picked during our field trip to the orchard this morning) and some milk.

This was my 3rd time making Kanelbullar (Swedish cinnamon rolls) but only my first time attempting the traditional twisty shape instead of the easier rolled up style. I also made some progress in getting them to have the right texture and flavor and they turned out really well this time! 🙂

I think my great-grandmother, Margaret, would be proud. 🙂 She was born and raised in Sweden and made Kanelbullar often, even after emigrating.

Like always, as we ate, we chatted about our favorite things that we learned/did this week, we recited poems that we have been learning, and read some poetry from our books.

We are all enjoying this Fika Friday tradition.

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