Swedish Unit: Hats Progress

The whole month of January (and first few days of February) has been spent carding wool, spinning yarn, and knitting hats.  And it’s been a lot of fun!  

I used to really dislike winter. I didn’t like the cold. I didn’t like driving on slick roads. I didn’t like the shorter days.  

I still don’t love driving on slick roads, but this winter has been different. I am actually really enjoying it.  I am enjoying the slower pace, the cozier evenings, and even the snow (which we honestly haven’t had much of where we are at and I am actually hoping for more).  

And I know that it has lot to do with me spending so much time with my Swedish ancestors (well, we are technically separated by the veil, but I still feel like we’ve been spending a lot of time together).

I have been spending a lot of hours thinking about Thilda and Sweden as I have been carding wool, spinning yarn, and knitting hats.  And it’s felt so cozy and fun doing some manual labor with my hands.  It leaves my head and heart to think and ponder and feel.


I love how the design and color pattern of each hat is similar, but yet unique at the same time.


Bag full of carded wool, rolled up into “sausages” and ready to be spun into yarn


January 15th: 2 constants in my daily life right now… my hands smelling like sheep and spinning wool into yarn while I wait for the boys in the school parking lot like the grandma that I am. 🙂


We finished Roxanne’s hat on January 7th.  I posted about that here.


On January 15th, we finished Landon’s hat.  He helped with some of it, but I still ended up doing the majority of it.  Working with hand spun (especially from a drop spindle) can be a little challenging.  Also, we want to finish all 6 hats before it starts getting warm outside so we have to work kind of fast.  Haha.


On January 18th, we finished Porter’s hat.  Like Landon, he helped with some of it, but I did the majority of it.


Yesterday, January 23th, we finished Evelyn’s hat.  



On January 29th, I finished Jershon’s hat! He loved modeling for the photos. 🤣


On February 5th, I finished my hat.  We finished all 6 hats in just over a month.




6 handmade wool hats. 🎵 every hat is different and so is every child 🎵 Top: Porter’s, Landon’s, Evelyn’s Bottom: Shelly’s, Roxanne’s, Jershon’s


Before and after. Used most of the 2 pounds of wool.


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