Sweden/Denmark Trip: Sleeping in a Windmill

(journal entry from August 28, 2019)

This morning we woke up, got dressed and packed up and then left our Airbnb in Osby.

We drove 2 1/2 hours to Kalmar, which is right on the east coast of Sweden. The plan was for Jershon and I to drive across the bridge to Öland (an island just to the east) and go biking on the island.

Again, my parents weren’t interested in this activity, so we dropped them off in Kalmar to see some sites, shops, and a castle.

We didn’t anticipate how big Öland really is so after driving for a while to get to a place to rent bikes, and discovering that that place was closed, we decided to just cut our losses and head back to Kalmar to pick up my parents and go to our Airbnb (also on Öland…but south instead of north where we had been headed for the bikes).

As we were driving, we passed soooooooooo many windmills!  They were everywhere.  They aren’t in use anymore, but they are still so cool to look at.

It took about another hour to drive to pick up my parents and then drive to our Airbnb so by the time we got there, we had been driving for about 5 hours that day. We (especially Jershon) were pretty exhausted.

Once we got to the Airbnb though, our energy and moods picked back up because this was the windmill! This was the first Airbnb that we had booked for this trip months earlier and so we had really been looking forward to it.

We were staying in an old windmill house. How cool is that?!

the gigantic key that goes to the kitchen

looking out the window into the cornfield

We spent some time looking around and discovering all of the neat and humorous quirks of the place (including the toilet that burns your bodily waste) instead of flushing it. Haha.

We decided to pick up some groceries so we could cook dinner there at the windmill. We got some Swedish meatballs, some potatoes, some gravy, and some juice. We cooked it all up in our little kitchen and then ate on the picnic table outside. It was so fun. 🙂

After cleaning up dinner (we had to do the dishes outside… camping style… because they don’t have running water here… we decided to drive to the coast (which was only a few minutes away) to watch the sunset.

When we got to the coast, we couldn’t find a nice sandy beach so we just parked and walked around on the rocky coastline for a while, looking at the cool rocks and discovering petrified wood.

I thought this one looked like a mitten. 🙂

Jershon and I sat on the edge of the coast (it was a bit of a cliff edge that led down to the rocky coastline) and watched the sunset. So romantic. 🙂

On our way back to our windmill, we stopped at one of the other windmills and had a look inside! 🙂

And now we are back in the windmill, getting ready to go to sleep. I can’t believe I’m gonna sleep in a windmill. 🙂

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