Sweden/Denmark Trip: Osby Lake

(journal entry from August 27, 2019)

Jershon and I wanted to go canoeing on Osby lake. My parents weren’t interested so they stayed at the Airbnb.

So we went to Osby lake and waited a little while before the canoe rental guy showed up and gave us all the gear.

It was about 5 pm by this point and we had the lake practically to ourselves. The lake was so peaceful and calm. I love canoeing. 🙂

First, we canoed out to a little island in the middle of the lake. We got out, walked around the island (which took about 2 minutes) and then Jershon jumped in the lake and swam for a few minutes.

Then we got back in the canoe and headed for the general location where Swen and Thilda (and their kids) may have been baptized.

When we came around a group of trees and saw a beach area in a secluded spot with this really cool old pine tree, I just felt that this was very likely the spot… or close to it at least.

Dan’s (my great-grandfather) account of their baptism says “The date of 5 June 1892 was set for the baptisms, and to prevent any disturbances from enemies our outsiders it was to be done after dark in a beautiful lake (Osby lake) about a mile from our home. … The party of six, Father, Mother, Marie and Orson and the missionaries, John Swenson and Olof Monson, set out for the lake. They followed along the shore for some distance, till they found a secluded spot, and the baptisms were performed without any interference.”

We pulled the canoe up onto the sand and then got out and walked around. I thought about what had transpired there in June of 1892…127 years ago. As I stood there, looking at the water, I thought about the sacrifices that were made and the amazing faith that was exercised when my great-great grandparents and their children made the choice to be baptized and become members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. That choice didn’t only affect their lives… but also hundreds (and counting) of others.

It wasn’t easy. They faced a lot of persecution and hardships after making that choice. They gave up their old lives with their old comforts.

I am so grateful for their faith and sacrifices. My life has been greatly blessed because of their choices.

When we got back in the canoe, we canoed around the lake for a little bit longer and then it was time to head back.



After picking up my parents, we went out to get some dinner. It was kind of late and not many places were open so we ended up at a hamburger place… where we also could have gotten pizza. haha. Pizza places are all over the place here. It’s the most common restaurant that we see. Swedes must really love their pizza.

Another great day! 🙂


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