Self-Care: Planning Delights and Being Intentional

So I am taking my second semester of Wife for Life University right now. I’m about halfway through this semester. This week’s class was the one about Delights again. (If you don’t know what delights are, this post explains it.) One thought that I had today during class was about how, for me at least, planning my delights and being intentional would be helpful. I have a journal called The 5 Minute Journal (it really does only take 5 minutes.) One of the sections on each page says “What would make today great?” And then there are 3 numbered lines for me to write down some things that I could do that day to make it a great day. These are things that I have control over (i.e. I can’t control if it’s gonna be a nice warm sunny day, so I wouldn’t write that.)

I was thinking that I should start writing my 3 delights down (during my early morning routine) so that I can plan for them and be more likely to make them happen.


Another thought that I had was about potentially creating some themes or categories for my delights. I am all for the little delights like painting my nails, eating chocolate, etc. I’m not against those kind of delights at all. But I was also thinking about diving a little deeper into my heart and mind and asking myself “what really fills me up?” What are some things that always (or at least like 95% of the time) add meaning and value to my life and really bring me joy? They don’t have to be big, I still think pocket sized is good.


An example is service. Doing an act of service, when I am willing and have my heart in the right place, always fills me up and gives me joy. Another example is being outside. Stepping outside for a few minutes (or longer) and soaking in the fresh air and sunshine always gives me joy.


So I was thinking, what if I make some themes/categories like service, physical, spiritual, emotional, mental and put my delights into these categories. Then every morning, I can pick 3 of these delights (from different categories) and plan to do those delights that day. This will help me to be intentional, and also to have some balance with my delights.


So that’s my plan. I’ll let you know how it goes. 🙂

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