Schoolroom Rearranged

Yesterday, on a whim, I decided to rearrange and reorganize in the schoolroom.  If you’re curious about how it used to be set up, you can see that here.  A lot is still the same, but I made some changes too.

We’ve acquired quite a few books this year for the Well-Educated Heart monthly rotation and I wanted to figure out how to have all of our books in the same place instead of spread out all over the house. 

So I pulled a couple of bookshelves that we already had from other areas of the house (and then had to rearrange that too) and put them in the schoolroom instead -one in the main part of the room, and one (along with the two smaller ones that were already in there) in the closet.  I also pulled the piano out of the closet and miraculously, everything fit! 




We’ve also acquired 2 more chairs (that I will eventually paint navy blue to match the others) from facebook marketplace since Roxanne is now wanting her own chair most of the time instead of sitting on my lap like she did for quite a while. 

This room continues to be one of our favorite places to be.  The kids spend a lot of time in here – even when it’s not “school” time.  The table is usually covered with paper, colored pencils, and markers because they love to draw.

Little jars filled with rocks and sand from the trips that Jershon and I went on to Iceland and Sweden/Denmark
I had these custom paintings made for my parents for Christmas and got a copy for myself as well – The Röena Schoolhouse and Cecelia’s Farm.

The kids’ prayer journals and our wide margin copies of The Book of Mormon that we have been using for our personal and family studies this year.


Jesus Christ is the center of our home and school. I got this little Christus statue to remind me of the experience that Jershon and I had seeing the original Christus statue in Copenhagen.

Puppets for our Good Behavior Role Plays


Staying organized and having a place for everything is pretty important to me, especially in the schoolroom.  I want this space to be functional, but beautiful and inspiring at the same time.  

Art supplies and drawing books


If you’re interested in some of the organization items that we have been using, here are a few:

Bins for each of the kids individual subjects and supplies (seen on the bottom shelf in the closet)

Container for Evelyn’s math manipulatives and supplies (idea from here)


-Storage envelopes for keeping unit studies, flash cards, phonics cards, etc. together and organized.  Here, here, and here.

Storage box for unit study envelopes (idea from here)

File box for filing weekly learning logs, loose papers, etc.

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  1. Estelle

    I love the care and attention you make for everything you do. Your schoolroom is beautiful. No wonder your children love to spend time there even once schooling is over. I love the personal little touches all around your room. Like the paintings you commissioned and the jars of treasures from your adventures. Just beautiful!

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