Pioneer Unit 2019: Day 11

We made hand dipped beeswax candles today. 🙂 My parents sent me some beeswax (one block that they already had on hand from another source, and another block that was from their very own beehives).

This was quite the process (especially since I did it the super cautious way… it took longer) and took pretty much the whole morning. As we were waiting for the wax to melt, and during some of the dipping process, the kids watched 2 pioneer movies (Legacy and 17 Miracles) in the living room.

The candles turned out pretty well though and I’m excited to see how they burn in a few days after we let them cure.

The supplies: 1 lb beeswax from somewhere (my mom gave it to me), ~1/2 lb or so of beeswax from my parents’ beehives, wicks, and nuts. The beeswax smells so good!

We made 12 “bigger” candles (they are really only about 4 inches long) and 10 birthday candles. I didn’t have enough wax depth to make them longer.

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