Farm Animals: Kittens

At the beginning of December, the day before our moving truck arrived with all of our belongings, the first 2 animals joined our farm… kittens!  We aren’t really indoor pet people and our pets also have jobs to do for the farm, so all of our animals will be living outside.

Because this dream and new lifestyle was inspired by learning about our ancestors, most (if not all) of our animals will be named after extended family members. Our kittens are named after two of Jershon’s aunts that live in the Philippines.  Someday soon, we plan to frame photos of our ancestors/relatives next to their animal namesake and make a gallery wall in our shed or something.  haha.  I’ll keep you posted.

Meet Agnes and Aida.

Left: Jershon’s Auntie Agnes, Right: Agnes the Kitten


Left: Jershon’s Auntie Aida, Right: Aida the Kitten


These are the first pets that our kids have ever had and it’s safe to say they are in love. Especially when we first got them, the kids spent all their time playing with the kittens.


I think that kittens are perfect first pets for kids.  They are cute, cuddly, and super low maintenance.  Our kids weren’t super comfortable around animals before but they very quickly warmed up to the kittens and having these first pets definitely helped them in being comfortable around our next animals (I’ll post about those soon).


They took a nap under the heat of the dryer vent one day.


Evelyn voluntarily took on “kitten duty” and is in charge of feeding them every morning and evening.

The kittens favorite activity is making a beeline for the inside of our house any time a door gets opened for .05 seconds.  They are quite good at it and we hear the kids laughing and yelling out “kitten in the house! kitten in the house!” multiple times a day. 

With two kittens, sometimes it turns into quite the circus as you try to put one back outside and the other quickly takes advantage of the situation and runs inside.  They are also getting smarter and quickly go hide under furniture so it’s harder to get them back out.  haha.

Jershon built them a cat house that they live in, but they also love to hide out and sleep under the front porch, under the back deck, and under the shed sometimes.



We’re not really sure if they know their names very well yet because we are often just yelling out “here kitty kitty!” when we want them to come out from wherever they are hiding.

While we were outside by the shed this morning, Evelyn saw Aida with a mouse for the first time (maybe they have caught others before that we just haven’t seen) so they are starting to pull their weight here on the farm.  haha. 


Agnes loves to do this meerkat pose. It’s pretty hilarious.

They have gotten really good at climbing

Roxanne took her book out to the deck one day so she could “read” it to the kittens. Haha. So now Agnes and Aida are well versed in the characters of Little Women. Agnes was paying more attention than Aida was though.

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