Gardening: Soil Sprouts

(This is post #3 about our garden.  See #1 here and #2 here.)


When I was looking up information and ideas for our indoor garden, I ran across this book… Year-Round Salad Gardening by Peter Burke.  I checked it out from the library and read the whole book in a few days (which is pretty fast for me).  


Then I got the supplies and we tried it out!  Now we’ve grown and harvested these sprouts 4 times (and could have grown them many more times than that in the past 2 months).  We have grown Snow Pea, Buckwheat, and Sunflower sprouts.  

The process is super easy and the whole thing, from start (soaking the seeds) to finish (harvesting) only takes about 10 days.

Here are some photos of the progress…

Sunflower, Buckwheat, and Snow Pea… soaked overnight, planted, and ready to be covered and go in the dark cupboard for a few days.


Snow Peas: day 2


Snow Peas: day 4


Snow Peas: day 5


Snow Peas: day 6… ready to come out of the cupboard and get some light!


Snow Peas: still day 6… out on the windowsill, getting ready to turn green
Snow Peas: still day 6… turning green


Buckwheeat: day 3


Sunflower: day 3



Snow Peas: day 9
Sunflower: day 4
Buckwheat: day 4


Buckwheat: day 5
Sunflower: day 5


Snow Pea: day 10
Buckwheat: evening of day 5… ready to come out of the cupboard


Sunflower: day 6… ready to come out into the light



Buckwheat and Sunflower drop their hulls… those are the black things on the windowsill
Buckwheat: day 7
Sunflower: day 7
Snow Pea: day 12


Harvest time!

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