Gardening: Month Two

We continued to see rapid growth with our garden last month.  So much so that hopefully it starts to warm up outside soon so I can put our plants on the deck or else we might be living in a full on jungle.  haha.  Our house may or may not have a very earthy scent these days, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Growing this garden has been so rewarding.


February 10: harvested lettuce for the first time!  Ate it with our soil sprouts.


February 13: growing strong!


February 17: tomato plants getting crowded so I had to move one down to the windowsill in the living room; harvested some basil and oregano to put on our pizza


February 19: growing like weeds!


February 20: time to harvest lettuce again, this time we had enough to make a decent sized salad even without the sprouts


February 22: a couple of the tomato plants are starting to get flowers; time to transplant the tomato plants again… this time into the pots where they’ll remain.


February 26: Another tomato transplanted, and now they are taking over our living room.


February 27: time to pollinate the flowers on the tomato plants.  We don’t have any bees inside our house so we used our artificial bee… an electric toothbrush.

Roxanne made a lego bee


March 3: Kale is looking great!  All 4 tomato plants now transplanted and our living room is turning into a jungle.


March 4: noticed our first tiny baby tomato growing on the Peacevine Cherry Tomato plant


March 5: Cosmos starting to get flower buds


March 6: time to transplant Marigold and Red Velvet Lettuce


March 7: Peacevine Cherry Tomato plant is now way taller than Roxanne; Purple Beauty Bell Pepper plants are getting flower buds; transplanted Red Velvet lettuce and Marigold; sowed carrot seeds and another planting of Cosmos, Marigold, Spinach, Kale, and Lettuce


March 8: Purple Beauty Bell Pepper is turning into quite the beauty.  I love the green and purple trunk and branches

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