Gardening: Month Five

Our Garden isn’t looking amazing these days.  The plants have had some issues with the leaves dying, but they seem to be on the mend and they are still producing fruit, so that’s good.  There is definitely a learning curve (combined with our climate and deck gardening conditions) with all of this and I have been learning a lot throughout the whole process.

Here is a video of our little garden that I have been putting together over the past few months this garden.


And a few photos from this past month…

May 24th: harvested our first bell peppers!  These are purple beauty peppers that start off as a deep purple and then turn red eventually.  They get sweeter as they turn more red.  We wanted to taste them at the different stages so we picked a few.


May 25th: throwing out some of the dead plants and planting more flowers.

May 28th: Amish Paste tomatoes turning yellow/orange


June 6th: Pink Bumblebee tomatoes turning orange and Amish paste tomatoes turning red

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