Family Proclamation Unit: Marriage Between a Man and a Woman

My two oldest went back to school today. This summer gave me some new perspectives with mothering and my role as a teacher (which brings a lot of joy), and although I feel like public school is the right place for my boys to be right now, I am deciding to be a “hybrid” homeschooler of sorts. Meaning that I am going to be intentional about teaching my kids in the time that they are at home. I home school. Public school is just their extra curricular activity. (I hope that’s not offensive to real, official homeschool moms. I don’t mean it to be.)

Of course that doesn’t mean all of their time at home will be structured and school like – play time is important too. But I have decided to make certain things important and purposefully found room in our schedule for them.

Monday is early out day for my boys so with that extra hour in the afternoon, I have designated that as our unit study time. It will take us a while to get through the units since we will only be doing them once a week but something is better than nothing.

Today, we started our new unit: The Family Proclamation. I have felt strongly that I need to teach this doctrine to my kids and I found an awesome resource on Pinterest with ideas for teaching this in a fun way to little kids.

Day 1 of this unit was “We, the First Presidency and Council of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, solemnly declare that marriage between a man and a woman is ordained of God.”

When we were dating, we went painted this plate together. It is a collage of all of the dates that we had been on up to that point.
For our 9 year anniversary, we decided to paint another plate. This time we painted a collage of things that have happened in our 9 years of marriage.

I told the kids about how Jershon and I met, our dating story, how Jershon proposed, our wedding day, etc. I also showed them photos and I showed them our “wedding video.”


One of my biggest regrets from our wedding is not getting any video clips. I knew that we would be coming to Nauvoo as part of this trip so I came up with the idea to bring my wedding dress and have my siblings take some video clips that I could put together. It was fun to pretend like it was our wedding day again and to wear my dress. Jershon was a good sport and helped my dreams of a wedding video come true. 🙂 


The kids loved hearing all these details and they were very interested. 🙂

I also taught them about the importance of marriage being between a man and woman and how Satan wants to attack our marriages and families because he knows that they are so important.

3 versions of Jershon and I… my grandma gave us the willow tree figurine for our wedding, and we painted the wooden peg dolls and Russian nesting dolls a few years ago.


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