Campout #4 2020: Silver Lake Flat Reservoir

Friday was my birthday.  We decided to go camping. 🙂  This time we went to Silver Lake Flat Reservoir in American Fork Canyon.

We were lucky and got there just in time to get a good campsite… most of them were already taken already.

We got a site right next to the mountain stream. The water was really pretty…and really cold. haha. That didn’t stop the kids from putting on their swimming suits and wading around in it. Jershon moved a bunch of big rocks around to make a bridge to the other side.

We made dinner (salmon, potatoes, and asparagus) and then had birthday cake. Jenna made the cake (lemon poppyseed with raspberries). We forgot candles so we used matches instead. Matches burn way faster than candles so I had to blow them out when everyone was still singing the birthday song. haha.


After we ate the cake, it was close to sunset time so we headed down to the reservoir (just a few minutes from our campsite) so we could go fishing. We don’t usually have much luck with fishing so we didn’t expect to actually catch anything, but we actually ended up catching 3 fish! It was a birthday miracle. 🙂

Jershon caught the first one, Porter caught the second one, and my nephew caught the third one. By the time we left the lake to head back to the campsite, it was completely dark.

Porter’s first fish!


When we got back to the campsite, Jershon cooked the fish that we just caught and we all tried bites of it. It was really good. 🙂

By this point, it was getting really late – after 11 pm. We put the kids to bed (Roxanne had fallen asleep on Jenna’s shoulder while we were fishing) and then we cleaned up camp, put stuff in the truck, and headed to bed ourselves pretty soon after that.

My imagination gets pretty active during the night at campouts sometimes and this was one of those times, so I didn’t sleep very well. Plus, it was cold, but not freezing. I felt mostly warm, but my face was cold. And I couldn’t get my pillow in a comfortable position for some reason. Anyway, I didn’t sleep the best.

The next morning, we made breakfast, hung out at the campsite for a little while, packed up camp, and then headed back to the reservoir for a couple hours.

The kids waded in the lake a bit and they went on Eric and Katie’s kayak a few times. I went on the kayak once as well and also sat in the hammock with Jershon (that he set up in the trees right by the lake.).

By this point, it was a little after 2 pm and we decided to head home.

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