Bethlehem Dinner

Over the past several years, I have enjoyed building holiday traditions for our family.  One thing that has evolved over the past 5 years (since spending Christmas at our own house instead of traveling to our family’s houses) is our Christmas Eve dinner.

We have a Bethlehem dinner and each year I add a few more details.  This is what it looked like this year…

Sitting on the floor, on top of a rug that I already had (that was made in Turkey), using wooden dishes,  eating foods that were eaten in Jesus’ time, by candlelight, listening to middle eastern music in the background, while dressed up in Jesus’s time period clothing.

After dinner, we act out the nativity.

I love this tradition and I love the feelings that accompany it.  I love the anticipation that fills the air as we celebrate the birth of Christ and await Christmas morning.



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