Best Husband in the World Day 2020

Yesterday was Best Husband in the World Day!  What, you’ve never heard of this holiday before? 

That’s because I made it up.  On April 16th, 2009, Jershon and I had been married for almost 4 months and I randomly decided to make a sign that said “Happy Best Husband in the World Day” to surprise him with when he came home from school that day.

The next April rolled around and one day I randomly remembered that sign I had made for him the year before.  I looked it up in my journal and found that it had been April 16th when I made the sign.  That day was approaching so I put it in my calendar and decided to surprise him with a sign again.  

And that’s how Best Husband in the World Day got started. 

So now, every year, on April 16th, the kids and I make a sign and surprise Jershon.  This year was the 12th annual Best Husband in the World Day.  Jershon always forgets – he doesn’t keep track of it always being on April 16th – and every year he’s surprised.  Haha.  

The last time I made the sign was in 2014 because the kids love to write the words now.  They love being a part of this little made up holiday… except I wonder if they think it’s a real holiday?  I guess for our family it is.

I actually just found out as I was writing this post that “Husband Appreciation Day” is the 3rd Saturday in April every year.  I didn’t know that.  April 16, 2009 was a Thursday, but I guess 2 days later it really was husband appreciation day.  My random holiday radar must have been in tune that year.  haha.


Roxanne even helped this year. I lightly wrote the words In and The in pencil and she traced over the letters with markers


Some years I add a little extra something to the surprise, like a scavenger hunt, or a cake or something.  This year, the kids and I decided to surprise Jershon with a date.  Because of Covid-19, Jershon and I haven’t been on a real date in about 6 weeks.  So the kids and I put together a little “restaurant” in the living room.  I had to call ahead weeks in advance to get reservations for the much coveted garden room.  haha. 

I told Jershon to dress up fancy…he didn’t know why, but he’s always up for going along with my random ideas. haha. 

The kids were our waiters and they were actually really good about eating quietly by themselves in the kitchen so Jershon and I actually felt like we were on a real date.  



I take a picture of Jershon by the sign every year.  He always comes up with interesting poses. haha.























2009 (didn’t think to take a picture of the sign, but here is Jershon)


The girls wanted to take a funny picture by the sign this year. 🙂

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  1. Estelle

    Oh Shelly, this is exactly what I needed, my cheeks are hurting from grinning. So beautiful! And so many sweet things! I love how you do this for Jershon each year and he never remembers hehe. The video is so sweet! Your kids taking videos and Evelyn and Roxanne at the end with the candle hehe. And those amazing annual photos. Jershon certainly knows how to throw a pose hehe. They’re hilarious! 2018 haha! And 2013, well done you managing to get that shot. It’s even funnier with Porter (?) just sat on the chair drinking from his bottle lol. Itty bitty Porter in 2010 is so precious! I love that the girls have inherited Jershon’s poses haha. Honestly, this post has made my day lol

    1. Shelly

      I’m glad you liked it, Estelle! It really is such a fun and funny little tradition. Jershon has quite the funny personality. 🙂

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